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As you age, your body and your health needs continue to change. AllCare Family Medicine and Urgent Care of Pikesville in Pikesville, Maryland, offers comprehensive care for the whole family, including geriatric services for the oldest members. Aksana Afanasenka, MD, a board-certified physician, and the medical team are skilled in assessing the needs of geriatric patients. They create custom treatment plans with the goal of ensuring a good quality of life and effective management of chronic health conditions. Find out more about the geriatric services available by calling the office or booking a consultation online today.


What is geriatrics?

Geriatrics is an area of health care that focuses on the different needs of people as they age, typically addressing the changing health concerns of people 62 and older.

The team at AllCare Family Medicine and Urgent Care of Pikesville can address a wide range of medical issues and lifestyle decisions that relate to the natural aging process, helping you manage your condition and ensuring you enjoy a high quality of life.

What geriatric services are available?

Your doctor offers health evaluations for new symptoms or conditions that develop as you age, creating treatment plans to improve your overall health and wellness.

Other geriatric-focused services available at AllCare Family Medicine and Urgent Care of Pikesville include:

  • Wellness exams
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Behavioral assessments
  • Medication management
  • Long-term care planning
  • Chronic disease monitoring

Your doctor also performs fall risk assessments, designed to keep you safe at home when you have a balance disorder or other condition that can increase your risk for falls.

In some cases, they may recommend specific therapies, like physical therapy, to keep you strong and mobile. If you’ve had a previous medical event, such as a stroke, your doctor may refer you to speech therapy or occupational therapy to restore your speaking skills or your ability to care for yourself.

How often do I need a checkup?

While annual wellness checks are sufficient for many older people, you may need to see your AllCare Family Medicine and Urgent Care of Pikesville doctor more frequently depending on your health background and existing conditions.

If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, you may need to visit the office more frequently for routine blood work and blood pressure screenings.

If you’re receiving treatment for chronic health issues, your doctor may want to see you every few months to monitor the progress of your treatment. In some cases, checkups through telemedicine may be available to reduce the need for you to travel to the office.

What’s involved in nutritional counseling?

As you age, it can become more difficult to get the nutrients you need to enjoy optimal health. Age-related health conditions, food intolerances, and difficulties chewing or swallowing can result in complications, like vitamin deficiencies and dehydration.

AllCare Family Medicine and Urgent Care of Pikesville doctors provide nutritional support and advice to ensure you’re eating a healthy diet. They can also help coordinate additional dietary services and other home-care assistance services as needed.

If you’re looking for reliable medical care focusing on geriatric medicine, schedule a consultation at AllCare Family Medicine and Urgent Care of Pikesville today. You can call the office or request an appointment online.