Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

Building a healthy life is an inside-out job


We are helping resolve feelings that make life more difficult.

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy offers adults a one on one setting to explore, heal, grow, and feel better. Adults benefit from therapy at every life stage, from young adult to the elderly.

Couples Therapy (Relationship Counseling)

Relationships aren’t always easy and sometimes require further support. AllCare provides effective couples and family therapy to support you in rebuilding, maintaining healthy relationships, and in working together to reach their goals.

Adolescent & Child Counseling

Children and Adolescents can reconnect to the joy of growing up when they begin therapy. Therapy can improve resilience in children and adolescents and teach the skills necessary to maintain good mental health throughout their lifetime.

Therapy For Anxiety & Depression

Medications can help control the symptoms of mood disorders yet it is psychotherapy that tackles the the root cause of the mood disorder and thus empowers you to get rid of the issue for good.

Psychotherapy for ADHD

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends behavior therapy, parents training in behavior management before any medication is tried.